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Ancient Akraia

According to Pausanias strong>, the foundation of Akraya dates back to prehistoric times strong>. It was one of the remarkable coastal towns of Laconia.

Its name took it from the founder of Akria strong>, which, according to traditions of that time, descends from Sparta. Her position on Reds strong> has been determined by scattered clay vases and by Nicky’s statue strong>.

Due to its location, it had commercial and naval communications strong> with other coastal cities of Laconia. In the city there was the mother church of the Gods of Cybele strong>, which you consider the most ancient of the Peloponnese strong> of other similar temples.

Inside the temple was the deity statue of the goddess, unfortunately not rescued. During the earthquake of AD 375 the seaside section of the city was demolished.

Today, the visitor can admire part of the temple of the Gods, ruins of Roman buildings and tombs. Still underwater of the area there are ruins of the ancient city.


Κοκκινιά, Γλυκόβρυση

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