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Evrotas River

The Evrotas River is a symbol strong>, a reference point, a historical monument, and above all a living entity that ‘nourishes’ the Prefecture of Laconia strong>. It flows from the Arcadian Plateau, south of Mantineia, near Megalopoli, and crossing the Taygetos and Parnonas mountains strong>

Sparta, opened a canal and drove the waters to the sea. So the river, named after Evrotas, was created. But another tradition reports that Evrotas, after a defeat by the Athenians,
River Delta ​​strong> and especially the area of ​​Divari, where the water is bracked strong> with areas of old > rainforests strong>, in the spring is flooded with water and becomes a paradise for thousands of aquatic and wading birds strong>. In the same place we find species of raptors strong> other permanent and other migrants, who have the Delta for their food and breeding.

Is the most important resting place strong> and Diet strong> for a huge number of migratory birds in southern Greece strong>, a nesting place strong> for important birds and fish strong> and places of subsistence of endemic organisms and endangered fauna species. Above 210 species of rare birds strong> recorded, endangered.
The Eurotas River Delta is one of the last major wetlands in southern Greece strong>. The area is included in the European Network NATURA strong>, on the European list protected areas “NATURA 2000» strong>, which was completed in EU LIFE-Nature strong> program. Within this framework, a Management Plan for the coastal zone and Special Environmental Study, in order to survive this valuable and unique ecosystem for man and nature


Γέφυρα Ευρώτα, Σκάλα

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