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Holy Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Jewel of Apidia strong> Laconia is the Holy Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It is located in the center of the village and is a representative Christian monument strong>. Dating 10th Century strong> is a large three-aisled basilica strong>, with strong elements of oriental art strong>. The roof vault is based on columns with nice Ionic capitals strong>. The temple originated from the conversion of an older wooden church. Part of the old temple was preserved for decoration. The marvelous marble iconostasis strong> dates back to the late Byzantine times.

From the diligent masonry with stones and the insertion of plenty of tile pieces, the original dimensions of the temple before the expansion are distinguished. On the south side are inscribed inscriptions and some folk reliefs. The dome strong> is a bit scrupulous.

Furriers are four diamonds that surround the dome, each side of which is adorned with an inconspicuous conch. Already today the four sides have acquired lateral lighting openings. The crown of the dome rests a decorative rack. The temple is a triangle, and the niches are semicircular. After the expansion, the temple was completely reformed in the interior. The basic core is of course distinguished, the dome is supported by columns, which divide the temple into three aisles, but with the extension the narthex and the women’s dome were added. The floor is covered with plates of equal size.


Απιδιά Λακωνίας

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