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In a steep ravine above the river Evrotas, in the local community of Vrontama, is the monument strong> of Palaeomonastero.

It is a cave temple of the 12th century strong>, irregularly built, where its fortification protected it from external attacks.

Over frescoes decorate the temple strong>, painted in different periods.
It was a refuge for those martyrs who were hiding there for many days when on September 15, 1825, in this church, his troops burned them alive.

Palaiomonastiro is the historical – religious monument strong> of the Municipality, as it has been officially designated as historical – listed monument by the Ministry of Culture strong>.

The Evrotas municipality has asked the state, the Holocaust day 15/9 strong>, to be established as an official holiday of the Municipality.


Περιοχή Βρονταμάς

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