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The Shipyard of Ancient Sparta

During the Spartan period, in today’s Trinissa region strong> (7 km from Skala), the shipyard of ancient Sparta was constructed. In this area there are three small islands strong>, close to each other and very close to the coast, which joined together with technical means strong> and the most important harbor of ancient Sparta strong>.

Primarily the port was war strong>. According to mythology the fleet of Paris strong>, who, guest of King Menelaus, met and abducted Helen strong>. From the same harbor, the Spartan fleet flew strong> to Troy.

Also, during the Peloponnesian War strong> (431-404 BC), a number of warfare began with it. However, the yacht also served for trading strong>. The Pausanias strong> reported in this sea area where the precious purple strong> was caught – the shell used for the red dyeing of fabrics – sought after in the ancient world.

The cultivation of purple during the Byzantine period is testified by submarine stone shells, called porphyria strong>. This occupation was an important source of income for local residents. Today, strong> strong> strong> remains in the area of the abyss, both along the coast and underwater strong>. Also, a few meters west of the seabed in the sea there are portions of the porphyry.



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