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5th World Champion of Sports

A special experience has been for the Municipality of Evrotas and the NDWP. Social Protection, Solidarity & amp; Sports “NIKIFOROS VRETTAKOS”, the co-organization with EOPA, TODA and 5th World Peggy Athletic strong> ASC Nickaklis held November 16th to 18th strong> in the Vlachiotes Gym strong> .

The “colorful” opening ceremony that took place on Friday afternoon, in the packed Indoor Gym, directed by Mrs. Irini Konidari, offered a spectacle of high aesthetics. It was an alloy of images from ancient and modern Greece, uniquely and elaborately coupled, offering a spectacle of high aesthetics. A ceremony that “smelled” Greece from start to finish, highlighting our country’s love for sport and culture.

After the parade, a total of 500 athletes strong> from 32 countries strong> followed the official declaration of the matches by Peloponnese Coach Tatulis and the moving greeting of the President of the Greek Pangration Athletics Federation .A. ma Mazarakis, which included the historical overview of the birth of Pangrati in Sparta.

In the words of the ancient writer Philostratus, Giannis Grypiotis spoke: “ Kalliston of Olympia (sports), Pangration strong>” adding emphatically: “ and Evrotas continues it strong> > “, while he was warmly applauded when he announced the intention and the aim of the Municipality to steadily host the event every four years. He also expressed the desire of all, this timeless sport to be included in the Olympic Sports and spoke of the “soul of its citizens, in which there is not only Eurotas but Greece with its history and culture.”

The Deputy Mayor of Culture, Mr. Diamantakos, made the necessary thorough description of the rich history and distinct geography of Evrotas, since the goal of the athletic organization was to connect and exploit it with the cultural background of the region.

Remarkable was the artistic part of the event, with an exemplary demonstration of the children’s sport, as well as the dancing shows from all over Greece. Among the surprises prepared by the organizers was the 6-year-old flag-bearer of the fights that gave the flag to the Peloponnesian Regional Authority to announce the start of the Games, the Nicocles team who won the applause, and the message given at the end of the event voluntary blood donation (in Eurotow the heart of the 26th Amphictyon of Volunteer Blood Donors will hit in 2013).

Among others, the MP of Laconia, Mrs. Patriacakou, the Vice-Chancellor of Lakonia, the President of the Parliament, Pécs, Regional Advisors, Mayors of Monemvasia and Tripoli, the city councilors Evrotas, the President of the World Federation of Martial Arts from North Korea, of the Romanian Ministry of Sport (the Municipality of Calimanesti is a partner and twinned with our municipality).

The Municipality of Evrotas warmly welcomes all those who contributed to the successful outcome of the Games, especially the volunteers whose contribution has been decisive, EOKA. and “AS Nikoklis” for their collective work, in a climate of co-operation and perfect cooperation.

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